GOTWEBD(8) System Manager's Manual GOTWEBD(8)

gotwebdGame of Trees FastCGI server for web browsers

gotwebd [-dnv] [-D macro=value] [-f file]

gotwebd is a FastCGI server program which can display the contents of Git repositories via a web browser. The program has been designed to work out of the box with the httpd(8) web server.

gotwebd provides the following options:

Define macro to be set to value. Overrides the definition of macro in the configuration file.
Do not daemonize. Send log output to stderr.
Set the path to the configuration file. If not specified, the file /etc/gotwebd.conf will be used.
Parse the configuration file, report errors if any, and exit.
Verbose mode. Verbosity increases if this option is used multiple times.

Enabling gotwebd requires the following steps:

  1. The httpd.conf(5) configuration file must be adjusted to run gotwebd as a FastCGI helper program. The EXAMPLES section below contains an appropriate configuration file sample.
  2. httpd(8) must be enabled and started:
      # rcctl enable httpd
      # rcctl start httpd
  3. Optionally, the run-time behaviour of gotwebd can be configured via the gotwebd.conf(5) configuration file.
  4. Git repositories must be created at a suitable location inside the web server's chroot(2) environment. These repositories should be writable by the user ID shared between gotwebd and httpd(8). The default location for repositories published by gotwebd is /var/www/got/public.
  5. Git repositories served by gotwebd should be kept up-to-date with a mechanism such as got fetch, git-fetch(1), or rsync(1), scheduled by cron(8).

Default location of the gotwebd.conf(5) configuration file.
Default location for Git repositories served by gotwebd. This location can be adjusted in the gotwebd.conf(5) configuration file.
Directory containing statically linked got(1) helper programs which are run by gotwebd to read Git repositories.
Directory containing HTML, CSS, and image files used by gotwebd.
Default location for the gotwebd listening socket.
Directory for temporary files created by gotwebd.

Example configuration for httpd.conf(5):

types { include "/usr/share/misc/mime.types" }

server "" {
	listen on * port 80
	root "/htdocs/gotwebd"
	location "/" {
		fastcgi socket "/run/gotweb.sock"

Hosting multiple gotwebd instances on the same HTTP server under different path prefixes, with the first reached via the default UNIX-domain socket, the second configured to listen on localhost port 9000:

server "" {
	listen on * port 80

	location "/gotwebd-unix/" {
		fastcgi socket "/run/gotweb.sock"
	location "/gotwebd-unix/*" {
		root "/htdocs/gotwebd"
		request strip 1

	location "/gotwebd-tcp/" {
		fastcgi socket tcp localhost 9000
	location "/gotwebd-tcp/*" {
		root "/htdocs/gotwebd"
		request strip 1

got(1), git-repository(5), gotwebd.conf(5), httpd.conf(5), httpd(8)

Omar Polo <>
Stefan Sperling <>
Tracey Emery <>

July 11, 2024 OpenBSD 7.5