GOTWEB.CONF(5) File Formats Manual GOTWEB.CONF(5)

gotweb.confgotweb configuration file

gotweb.conf is the run-time configuration file for gotweb(8).

The file format is line-based, with one configuration directive per line. Any lines beginning with a ‘#’ are treated as comments and ignored.

Paths mentioned in gotweb.conf must be relative to /var/www, the chroot(2) environment of httpd(8).

The available configuration directives are as follows:

Set the maximum amount of commits displayed per page.
Set the path to an image file containing a logo to be displayed.
Set a hyperlink for the logo.
Set the maximum amount of repositories gotweb(8) will work with.
Set the maximum amount of repositories displayed on the index screen.
on | off
Toggle display of last repository modification date.
on | off
Toggle display of clone URLs for a repository. This requires the creation of a cloneurl file inside the repository which contains one URL per line.
on | off
Toggle display of the repository description. The description file in the repository should be updated with an appropriate description.
Set the path to the directory which contains Git repositories that gotweb(8) should publish.
on | off
Set whether to display the repository owner. Displaying the owner requires owner information to be added to the config file in the repository. gotweb(8) will parse owner information from either a [gotweb] or a [gitweb] section. For example:
owner = "Your Name"
Set the displayed site link name for the index page.
Set the displayed site name title.
Set the displayed site owner.
on | off
Toggle display of the site owner.
Set the public gotweb httpd path.

These are the currently configurable items for gotweb(8) with their default values.

# gotweb options
# all paths relative to /var/www (httpd chroot jail)

got_repos_path			"/got/public"
got_www_path			"/gotweb"

#got_max_repos			100
#got_max_repos_display		25
got_max_commits_display		50

got_site_name			"my public repos"
got_site_owner			"Got Owner"
got_site_link			"repos"

got_logo			"got.png"
got_logo_url			""

# on by default
#got_show_site_owner		off
#got_show_repo_owner		off
#got_show_repo_age		false
#got_show_repo_description	no
#got_show_repo_cloneurl		off

Location of the gotweb.conf configuration file.

got(1), gotweb(8)

September 23, 2022 OpenBSD 7.2